Wahiawa Hospital Association and Queen’s Health Systems partner with the Koa Ridge Health and Wellness Campus Project

February 1, 2021 Events

The Wahiawa Hospital Association is proud and excited to announce its partnership with The Queen’s Health Systems and Castle and Cooke Hawaii to create a state of the art healthcare campus as part of the Koa Ridge master development plan. After many years of discussion and through the establishment of a joint venture with the Koa Ridge Healthcare Group, plans are being developed to provide increased access to the health and wellness needs of the communities of Central Oahu and the North Shore. This project is also being deliberately designed to complement the evolving service offerings at Wahiawa General Hospital, and is in alignment with the hospital’s mission of providing quality care close to home. It is an honor to be part of such an incredible group of organizations and people, all committed to improving the wellbeing of those we serve.


About the Koa Ridge Healthcare Group

The Koa Ridge Healthcare Group is a joint venture of Wahiawa Hospital Association and a conglomerate of experts in architecture, engineering, master planning, design and construction, to create, develop, and construct the healthcare campus of the Koa Ridge master development plan. The Wahiawa Hospital Association was established in 1944 to support the needed healthcare facilities essential to the communities of Wahiawa and the North Shore. Since its inception Wahiawa Hospital Association’s focus has been the establishment, growth, and continuing evolution of Wahiawa General Hospital and Wahiawa Nursing and Rehabilitation center. Along with the Koa Ridge Healthcare Group, Wahiawa Hospital Association will focus its efforts to increasing access to care through the development of the Koa Ridge healthcare campus.