Slipper-Tober Donation

December 1, 2022 Events

Our 128 Cafe Bristo spear headed a “Slipper-Tober Donation” back in October 2022 for the WGH Emergency Department and the Salvation Army.  They were able to collect 20 pairs of slippers and 20 pairs of socks!  Chef Dianna Darner aka “Chef D”, presented a portion of our donations received to our Emergency Department to help provide patients who come in without footwear to leave comfortably and safely.

Our CEO, Brian Cunningham presented Chef D with a Certificate of Appreciation for all her efforts in bringing our WGH Ohana together to make Slipper-Tober a fun and successful event!

Mahalo to everyone who participated, the Salvation Army, our Wahiawa community,  our patients and our Emergency Department truly appreciates it!