Advanced Medical Surgical Unit (AMSU)

Medical Telemetry Unit

Our Medical Telemetry Unit provides care to a variety of patient needs. The unit includes a 16-bed telemetry area with monitoring capability for cardiac issues and negative air pressure rooms.

Daily multidisciplinary rounding by our onsite specialty physicians provides high-quality care for our patients. Readily available nurses serve as patient advocates who are committed to achieving the best-possible outcome for each patient.

Our care team is dedicated to the belief that all individuals have many rights, including:

  • to be treated with dignity;
  • to self-determination;
  • to have accessible, high-quality care;
  • to have their privacy respected;
  • to have understandable information about choices available and consequences of action or inaction;
  • to have nursing care provided in a nonjudgmental, nondiscriminatory, sensitive, and culturally competent manner.
  • to establish and maintain control over all aspects of their lives; and
  • the responsibility to make informed decisions about their future.

A partnership based on mutual respect is the foundation of the relationship between the medical-surgical team and our patients.  A family and patient advocate, social-service team member, case manager, and physical therapists are onsite and available to clarify and ease each patient’s path to wellness.

Critical Care

Intensive treatment.
When your loved-one or family member is critically ill, we offer the specialize care needed.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Visionary heathcare.
Our radiology specialists provide quality, inpatient and outpatient imaging services.

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Patient Information

We’re here to help.
Find the information you need for your upcoming hospital stay.

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