Medical / Surgical Unit Gets a New Look
By: DiGuilio Advertising for Wahiawa General Hospital
Wahiawa General Hospital understands that recovering from surgery, whether major or not, should always take place in a comfortable setting. Because of this, the hospital's Medical/Surgical Unit recently underwent some renovations and relocated from the North Wing of the hospital to the South Wing.

The brand-new unit has twenty-three private bedrooms and two semi-private bedrooms. The semi-private rooms have two beds each. Patient feedback on the move has been positive. "What patients really appreciate about our new location is the privacy," said Jean Look, Unit Manager for Medical Surgical and IV Oncology. "All of the rooms in our old unit were double-beds so every patient essentially had a roommate. Now, most of the patients have their own room."

The move, which took place last year, was carefully thought out before executed. "We did a lot of research into the aesthetics of the unit right down to what color we should paint and wall-paper the rooms," explained Look. "But, perhaps the greatest complement we get is not on the rooms themselves but how personable the staff is."