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The WGH Logo

Our logo was designed to symbolize both the hospital and the communities it serves. It features a set of mountain ridges under a pair of hands beneath a rainbow. The rainbow and ridges display the dominant characteristics of Central Oahu.

The four bands of the rainbow represent the four levels of medical care at Wahiawa General Hospital: critical, emergency, acute, and long-term (skilled and intermediate) care.

The five ridges of the mountain represent the hospital's five decades of growth, from its inception in 1941 as a 42-bed hospital until today's modern, state-of-the-art 163-bed healthcare facility.

The hands represent the personal and human implication of caring. The gesture of the hands suggests compassion, sensitivity, hope, and comfort. The open position of the hands also welcomes and demonstrates the act of receiving.

Momi Cazimero of Graphic House, Inc, designed the Wahiawa General Hospital logo.

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