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Wahiawa General Hospital's Obstetrics Unit is fondly called...

"The Birth Place"
Central Oahu is home to one of the most revered sites of Ancient Hawaii. Just north of Wahiawa at Kukaniloko, in Mt. Ka'ala's shadow, lies a cluster of large stones. These stones are precious; women of ali'i (royal) blood once reclined on them to give birth. To help ease the discomfort of birthing, the women gazed unwaveringly at the ridges of the Wai'anae mountain range. There, anchored by Mt. Ka'ala, the tallest peak on Oahu, which towers over the Leilehua plateau, they could clearly see the outline of a reclining pregnant woman against the western sky.

As though decreed in the tradition of Kukaniloko and Mt. Ka'ala, Wahiawa General Hospital continues the strong birthing tradition in Central Oahu. In the early 1980's, Dr. William McKenzie and nurse midwives established the state's first freestanding birth center on the grounds of the hospital.

Today, the Hospital's obstetrical unit, appropriately called "The Birth Place," offers a full range of care and services and a comfortable environment to make the birthing experience a pleasant one not only for mom, but also for the whole family. For this reason, The Birth Place is recognized statewide as a family-oriented facility in a class of its own. We would like to introduce you to The Birth Place, designed with special families like yours in mind.
If you have any questions regarding your upcoming admission, please call our Admissions Department (now called the Patient Access Department) at 621-4346.

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